Wonderful history, Magnificent mountain scenery
Lovely lake – and much more!

Nestled between gentle hills on one side and the imposing Golan Heights on the other, lies the Sea of Galilee with its famous towns of Tiberias, Magdala, Capernaum, Bethsaida, Korazim and the Mount of Beatitudes.

These spots, scattered around the lake, are associated with the New Testament and were home for the Jewish population in the 1 - 4 centuries.

Jesus traveled through Galilee, healed the sick, taught people the word of God and eased their worries and fears during harsh oppression by the Romans.
For more than 2000 years the pastoral landscape has lost none of its magic. The region of Galilee offers visitors an immersion into ancient history and takes them to the charming villages of present-day Israel.