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 The lowest point on the surface of the earth !
 Recreation, relaxation and pure health care!


To reach the highest place on earth one must be a skilled and
experienced climber. But to reach the lowest place on earth all one has
to do is come to Israel.

The Dead Sea lies 417 meters below sea level and is therefore the lowest point on earth. With an average salt content of 28 percent it has three times more salt than the Mediterranean Sea.

People bathing in the Dead Sea can float effortlessly on the water and
enjoy the warm sun as well as the powerful healing effects of the
mineral-rich water.

More than 300 cloudless days a year and low precipitation are the cause of a high annual average temperature of 33 °C and a humidity of 35 percent.
The high oxygen content contributes to an overall feeling of pleasant wellbeing.


Dead Sea Health Treatments

Hot springs, mineral-rich healing mud, the high concentration of oxygen in the air and naturally filtered sunlight have all made the Dead Sea a center for health and healing. Tourists and visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the medically recommended health treatments for the skin in beautiful hotels and spas as well as the breathtaking desert landscape.



Not far from the resorts at the Dead Sea stands the imposing fortress of Masada, which became famous by Herod the Great and the Jewish freedom fighters of the first century.

Exposed palaces, baths, water cisterns and the remains of Roman military camps as well as the artificially built up ramp have been made accessible to visitors by reputable and well-known archeologists .


Ein Gedi oasis and National Park

Lush vegetation, rushing streams and waterfalls in the middle of the Judean desert, take the visitor not only into an exceptional nature reserve but also on a journey right into the landscape of the bible. Memories of the kings Saul and David, but also of the beautiful Cleopatra come alive here. The oasis of Ein Gedi invites you to recite Psalms, to hike ,and of course, to simply relax.


The Dead Sea